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IDW Optimus Prime #25 Full Preview

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Optimus Prime (G1)/Marvel Comics continuity

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Sam Witwicky Osiris Archetype Transformers: Archetypal Film Analysis Character Archetypes stands up for his beliefs no matter what feels the pain of transformation is necessary When Sam meets Optimus Prime and all the other Autobots.

Transformers Archetypes Archetypes in the movie Transformers contrast and differ from each other in many ways. The archetypes range from; The Hero, to the Devil Figure, to many others found in the usual Battle between good and evil Situational Archetypes.

Lawful Good

Another situational archetype is The Journey, which is also used in this movie. (That’s Optimus Prime, alpha male of the universe. Autobots want to be him, Deceptacons want him–stop me if my plot synopsis is getting too dicey.

When not in robot form, he’s is a hulking, diesel-guzzling eighteen wheeler–no wonder he’s such close buds with the US Army!).

Council of Three

Optimus Prime's Cybertronian truck mode, along with a Cybertronian Grumman X, a Cybertronian Earth motorcycle and a Cybertronian Porsche Before the Great War broke out on Cybertron, Optimus Prime was a Transformer of note, displaying his skills in.

년 3분기 출시예정> Hermione Granger Teenage Uniform Version Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Sixth Scale Figure(특가) 제조사: STAR ACE TOYS. The Fateful Archetype is a starship from the IDW portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

"Hi, I'm Rung, and welcome to Jackass." The Fateful Archetype.

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