Health literacy in australia

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Health Literacy

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Health Literacy

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Health literacy

Achievements, Lessons, and Metaphors. 14/10/ 4 Study aims 1. Examine health literacy of the general Australian adult population using the Health Literacy QuestionnaireTM; 2.

Examine relationships between health literacy. a conceptual model of health literacy as an asset which was developed by Professor Don Nutbeam. Figure 1: Nutbeam’s conceptual model of health literacy as an asset6 3 Australia Bureau of Statistics ().

Health Literacy, Australia. Cat.

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no. Canberra: ABS 4 Kanj, M., & Mitic, W. (). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 60% of Australians lack basic health literacy skills. [#australian-bureau-of-statistics] In patients with chronic conditions, inadequate health literacy is associated with poor knowledge of their disease and medications.

Health literacy is of concern to all health workers, including nurses, working in all areas of the Australian health care system. Low levels of health literacy is a significant problem in Australia.

In Australia, up to 60 % of adults lack basic health literacy skills to understand health-related materials, such as instructions on a medicine label. Estimates of low health literacy in Europe (47 %) and the US (36 %) are similarly high.

Building health literacy is a priority in Australia and internationally [10, 12–14]. Health literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to understand and use information relating to health issues such as drugs and alcohol, disease prevention and treatment, safety and accident prevention, first aid, emergencies and staying healthy.

Health literacy in australia
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