Nippenose valley observations

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History of York Area United Fire and Rescue

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Nippenose Valley in Clinton County PA

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RESULTSSTUDYAREAThe Nippenose Valley is a nearly closed, anticlinal karstic valley. Surface water from the valley goes underground into a cave system that emerges at the mouth of the valley at Lochabar Spring, the origin of Antes Creek.

Only m from this spring, also at the lower end of the valley, is Eiswert #1 Cave. Digital flood-inundation maps for an approximate mile reach of the Peckman River in New Jersey, which extends from Verona Lake Dam in the Township of Verona downstream through the Township of Cedar Grove and the Township of Little Falls to the confluence with the Passaic River in the Borough of Woodland Park, were created by the U.S.

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History of York Area United Fire and Rescue

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Nippenose valley observations
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Nippenose Township, Lycoming County PA